Saturday, February 15, 2014

7/52 Week In Review

We've had quite a bit of snow lately - it finally melted though!

Guys, sometimes life is crazy (as you might have guessed from our lack of blogging all week). But we really do have some exciting things to share- just have to make sure everything in real life is settled down before we share with the blogging world, you know? We'll leave you with some pins and links, thanks for being patient with us!

Some simple tips to stay healthy while still kicking ass at work.

All my memories of being in Girl Scouts as a kid revolve around those famous cookies, so these Tagalong Cupcakes sound heavenly.

I've been ogling really clean, simple design lately.

How about metallic loafers? I feel like the correct word to describe these would be "sassy".

Love this adorable Because Cats iPhone case.

These banana rum scones from Offbeat & Inspired sound heavenly!

Have a good weekend, everyone!
-a clover & a bee

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Anonymous said...

oh my god those tagalong cupcakes look amazing!!


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