Thursday, October 17, 2013

october tidbits


Our dear little home has been full of so many changes this month! 

-Leah switched schools for her second placement of student teaching.
-The furniture is being rearranged to accommodate the multitude of plants that need homes indoors.
-Our rooms are looking more and more like jungles with all the new little leaves.
-Boots and sweaters lay on the floor and draped over chairs.
-Professor, with his new haircut, curls up while waiting for Leah to get home and snuggle him warm.
-Yummy smells now drift from the oven as Erin cooks delicious sweets with no worries about how hot the kitchen will get with the oven on. 

The changes have been well welcomed in our home! What changes have you been going through lately?

-a clover and a bee

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Samantha Heather said...

That loaf looks simply delicious! What a gorgeous post :)

Sam //

joanne said...

we recently moved, so I guess we are still changing things constantly, making this our home. my job is changing as well. I think there are always things changing/evolving..
lovely pictures


Lisa said...

Ooof! You two have inspired me to redo my design. ;)

xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

Myprettymummy said...

I would love to redecorate my home, but it's just finding the time with a toddler running about all day! Love your blog, so inspiring!

Alex said...

I'm also pretty excited about this whole stove thing! Our apartment was unbearable this summer with it off so the thought of even turning the nob made me want to cry. Needless to say we ate a LOT of salads this summer haha. I'm excited for comfort foods now!
Whimsy Darling

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