Tuesday, October 22, 2013

artsy fartsy

I had started to envy all of the adorable kimonos I saw other bloggers and people on pinterest wearing when I realized I had something very similar in my own closet! This shirt will have to hold me over until my budget is a little larger and I can afford to buy things on a whim! I dream of the baggier sleeves though. Kimono...I'm coming for you...someday. 
You may have noticed just how often Erin wears these boots, she can't help it though-she loves them! They have lasted way longer than she expected them too and loves she styling them with different outfits.
I wore this outfit to school the other day and one of my middle school girls came up to me and said "Miss Clark? You're really artsy. You know with the hair and the shirt.... (pointing her finger all around in my direction)." I just chuckled and replied awkwardly, "haha...yeeeep..." I never know quite how to respond. Middle school kids ask some of the funniest questions-trumping the elementary aged kids questions. Though I may have to take that back, a middle schooler hasn't asked me if I'm pregnant like one of my elementary girls did. I gave up cookies after that day.
Have you been asked any hilarious questions by a kid before?
-a clover and a bee
On Leah: "Kimono"-Rue 21//Pants-Thrifted//Shoes-Ebay//Scarf-People Webs on Etsy//vneck-Target
On Erin: Sweater-Lauren Conrad//Scarf-Forever 21//Camera Bag-Thrifted//Boots-Forever 21

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Anonymous said...

That floral kimono/shirt is really pretty. I've been looking for a nice kimono too because lately I've seen them everywhere around internet. Also I love Erin's scarf, the color is amazing (I love anything blue!!).

Maria x

Lisa said...

I love this street. Girls, you two are adorable!

xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

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