Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY macrame dream catcher

DIY macrame dream catcher DIY macrame dream catcher DIY macrame dream catcher DIY macrame dream catcher DIY macrame dream catcher DIY macrame dream catcher
You'll need: One embroidery hoop,embroidery floss, white yarn, hemp, scissors, & wood veneer feathers
This dream catcher turned out to be super fun and actually really easy. First I followed the instructions found on this website for creating the weaving inside the hoop. I only used one piece of my embroidery hoop so that hopefully I can do another craft with the other piece! I added the pink in the middle to add a pop of color (and because I ran out of white.... as I say in my art classroom "turn a boo boo into something!").
Once my dream catcher was completed, I wrapped hemp around the outside of the hoop to cover up all of the wood. I used a thicker grade of hemp for this section, though you could use thinner hemp. I left a section on the bottom to tie on my yarn. 
When creating the macrame section of my dream catcher I tied on a few pieces of hemp and a few pieces of different colored embroidery floss-pink, hot pink, and yellow- to add some variety. I then filled the remaining space with long strips of white yarn. I then tied knots to create a macrame effect. I started with a knot in the middle and then did the two furthest outside knots so that I would have a guide for where my other knots should go. I did two layers (this also prevents tangling!!).
Once I was finished I added some wood veneer feathers to the bottom for a finishing touch! I just loved the way it turned out. It looks really nice hanging in my bedroom. Plus while I was working on it Erin and I couldn't help but run around the house singing "Mac-ra-uh-uh-uh-uh-may" like how they pronounce Macklemore in his song Can't Hold Us. We love Macklemore.
Have you made a dream catcher lately? Perhaps had any crazy dreams?
-a clover & a bee
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Unknown said...

I love dreamcatchers. These are absolutely awesome.

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Caitlin said...

Love it! You girls are great!

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