Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY hexagon palette

DSC_00192 DIY hexagon palette yard decor DIY hexagon palette yard decor DIY hexagon palette yard decor DIY hexagon palette yard decor
Dear Readers, 
It is our sincerest apology for being AWOL for the past, what, 4 weeks? We have been bad bloggers but we think we are finally back into our swing and ready to party. Let's just pretend these past few weeks didn't happen, okay?
Love, a clover & a bee
Over the weekend we celebrated miss Erin's 21st birthday. It is a day we have long waited for. Now we can go out on the town (perhaps a different town due to the lack of bars in ours) and we can finally share cocktail recipes! Hurray!
For her birthday we hosted a little get together with a few of our friends over at our house, which meant lots of cleaning, decorating and reorganizing. The weather here is finally getting to be perfect for sitting out on our patio, so we decided to focus our attention there. 
We have had this palette sitting on our back patio for quite some time. It looked shabby and old but hey, when your neighbor tosses an old palette you can't not pick it up, right? I decided to whip out some of my old thrifted paints and get to work cleaning this bad boy up. I created a hexagon shaped stencil out of a cardboard box, carved the stencil randomly around the palette, and filled the spaces up with paint. My only advice would be to not use thrifted paints like I did! Something about the paint, could have been the fact that it was embroidery paint, made it dry immediately with contact with air. My palette still looked nice in the end though!
What fun projects have you done with a palette?
-a clover & a bee.
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Lisa said...

That is such a smart idea! Love the colors. The hexagons a bit of a co-inky-dink? {hexagons, honeycombs. get it??} Glad to see you're back!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Ester Durães said...

this DIY is so damn cool, I love the idea!! :)
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

Gentri said...

So cute and simple, I love it! I wondered where you girls disappeared to. :)

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