Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Over the weekend//our new furry housemate

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We had quite the weekend over here at e plus l. Erin spent the weekend in North Carolina photographing her friend Kaari's wedding. She is planning on sharing some of the (amazing) photos she got later this week! She did such a great job, especially for her first wedding! I am a very proud friend/roommate.

I spent the weekend snuggled up in our apartment and at home with my parents. I was kept company while erin was out by the birds that have nested in the wall behind my bed, so I wasn't too lonely.  On saturday david and I drove down to manhattan to see the ole' rents. My dad and I talked gardening quite a bit as that is one of the new hobbies that we both share. My dad found Jason Mraz brand seeds for his garden, I made sure to tease him plenty for that.

It was an especially fun trip for many reasons; I got to see my best friend Natalie, I finally found those darn colorful cacti that I have been searching high and low for (home depot, who knew?), I got to drive home in my new car, AND I got to bring back my puppy! I've waited four years to finally call him my own, having him just during the summers was not enough. We have been bonding quite a bit since we got back!

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Lisa said...

OooOOoohhhh! Pretty Plants!

xo Lisa
Making Life's Lemons

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha Jason Mraz seeds. OH, SCOTT!

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