Wednesday, May 29, 2013

california day two: hello fresno

california day two california day two california day two california day two california day two

For some reason every time someone mentioned Fresno I pictured it being this small quaint little place. It just seemed fitting for Annika to be from a small little beach town in California. I was quickly corrected though, apparently Fresno is actually huge! Mariah and I got off the train got into Fresno in the late afternoon and were greeted by 7 big smiles and lots of hugs. We were given the grand tour of Annika's childhood home fully equipped with a backyard pool and lots of awesome plants.

We splashed in the pool for a couple of hours, soaking up the California rays before driving down to the tower district for some dinner. We were able to get a big table on the patio of Irene's cafe for some sandwiches. After dinner we got drinks and listened to some jazz at a pub. I got a flaming spanish coffee that was freaking delicious. I will have to recreate it on the blog!

I feel like I am at a resort so far! I love being with all of my friends for a final hurrah!

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