Tuesday, April 2, 2013



If you know erin and I at all you know that plants make us a little bit weak in the knees (I in particular get weak in the knees for succulents...). Perhaps it is the bright colors, adorable shapes, sweet smells, and the fact that they provide you with air to breathe. Who knows for sure.

On Good Friday last week, in lieu of our day off from school (more like Great Friday, am I right?) and the spectacular weather, erin and I went to the greenhouse in town and picked up a couple of plants to put in our dorm rooms. Plants have an amazing power to distract you from how crazy school can be, especially now that we are in the last stretch!

We plan to start a little garden at our apartment this summer, so we will be back by this green house for sure! Our goal is to have as many hanging plants, succulents, flowers, herbs, and vegetables as possible, in and outside of the apartment. We think plants are one of the best ways to make your apartment feel more like a home.

Do you have any favorite plants you decorate your home with?

-e plus l

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hannahrosebaker said...

I have an aloe plant I stole from Josh, and I recently planted basil (I call him Saul). The winter has been tough for Saul, because he is stuck inside where he can't get a lot of light. I am excited for it to warm up outside so I can put him out there to get plenty of sun. I don't have a green thumb, so having an aloe plant and just one other has been a good start for me.

Lisa said...

I love succulents too! They are so...mysterious?? I don't know what it is about them, but they're beautiful!


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