Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a peek into our lives.

We don't typically share a lot about our lives outside of what we make, eat, or wear so we thought we would take some time to share just a little bit about our day to day lives...according to our phones.


Our weeks in instagrams

1. I have been working endlessly on works for my senior show (coming up!!!). These pieces just came out of the first firing this week and I was super excited. 
2. A gigantic part of both erin and I's life is working at Mojo's. We serve a lot of coffee and tend to smell like it most of the time. I just though this little espresso cup was to cute not to share.
3. I personally think there is no better way to spend a sunny day then to crack open a hard cider and sit outside to soak it in. 
4. Another piece of mine for my show that came out of the final kiln. I am in love with it!!
5. david and I drove to Wichita for a date to one of our favorite dining establishments (Chipotle). I was rocking my floral pants and sticking my feet out the window to feel the beautiful day on my toes.
6. There are some days that I can whip out one cup of latte art after another and then others where I can't do anything at all. I usually try to come up with some made up idea of what it could be. "I made you a....mustache??"
7. Everything bagel sandwiches are my new best friend.
8. And speaking of best friends.... this one and I dressed exactly the same the other day. It was super weird.


Our weeks in instagrams

1. Landon and I went to Lawrence for our 1 year date and ate at Free State Brewery. It was delicious! We tried some awesome pumpkin bread french toast.
2. Some pretty nice new shoes Landon bought. Sometimes I wish I could wear men's shoes. They're beautiful.
3. The caf has been feeding us grapefruit pretty often lately. They are perfect to take back to your room and munch on later in the evening.
4. We're going to take some feather necklace kits to the craft show this weekend. We're so excited! But we have so much more left to prepare.
5. Reminiscing of choir tour. It was exhausting, but a different kind of exhausting from school work :)
6. I have such a cute boyfriend ......
7. New glasses from Bonlook! 
8. On our run we heard some goats, and naturally Leah hunted them down and made friends.

We hope everyone's week is going well- we're halfway to the weekend already!
-e plus l


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