Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY embroidered valentines

Erin and I seem to be pretty big procrastinators these days. Perhaps you are like us and haven't started working on your valentines cards until the very last minute. If so, you should make some of these pretty embroidered valentines! They are super cute and very easy.

You'll need: scrap fabric in valentines colors, paper (preferably card stock), scissors, and a needle & embroidery floss.


Start by folding your paper perfectly in half, as you normally would when making a valentines card. Then cut out a rectangle of fabric for your background. It should be a little smaller than your card (or your paper folded in half).

Next, once you have a general design in mind for your card, cut out all shapes from other fabrics that you have and embroider those on. I just did a quick running stitch around the sides of my hearts. 


If you want to add any writing, I would suggest writing your phrase in pencil first, then embroidering your words with a double running stitch.

012 014

Once your design is completely done and beautiful, align your rectangle of fabric onto your card and stitch it on! 


Then you are ready to write your ooey gooey, lovey dovey, heart felt message inside. Good luck crafting! -l.

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Jessi said...

These are so darling, I love the homemade touch! I haven't made cards yet either maybe I'll try something similar!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

mxvhelle said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

Grandma Donna said...

I recognize two of your backgrounds!!!! You put them to good use!

Unknown said...

(My grandma is referring to the two awesome gifts she gave me that you can see in these pictures. My beautiful handmade orange and white quilt and my awesome native american black and white rug) Thanks Grandma!

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