Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY elbow patches

Phew! We made it through our first major holiday on the blog. Erin and I weren't quite sure how we were going to do (we tend to be slight grinches to most holidays), but I think we did alright and we had fun!

Let me start by saying this is my new favorite shirt and you should make one too. It was so easy to add elbow patches on to my shirt I am surprised I hadn't done it yet, I had been wanting to so long!

You'll need: Leather (we found ours at Hobby Lobby), leather sewing needles, embroidery floss, scissors, and an old long sleeve t-shirt that needs a little extra love.


Put on your long sleeve shirt and make a mark on your elbows. Make sure that the sleeve is sitting the way it usually would when worn so that your elbow patch will be in the correct spot. Do this to both sleeves.


Then cut out two ovals out of your leather mine were about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Then place your ovals so that the center of your oval is on top of the "x" on your sleeve and sew around the outside. I actually found it a little bit difficult to push the needle through so I used the floor to push it, rather than my thumb.

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I seriously am so in love with my new shirt. Now I can rock the grandpa style 24/7, woo!



The Photogramps said...

Super cute! Love the leather with that grey!

Brewed Together said...

Love these patches! They look so cute on your little sweater. Loving your brilliant hair color and glasses too. Not sure why we weren't following you before, but definitely following now. Have a good weekend girls! Xo

Jessi said...

I am OBSESSED with elbow patches. I've done a couple DIYs but there are so many more items of clothing I'd love to revamp with some!
Love the way your sweater turned out!! And by the way, your glasses are perfection.

Unknown said...

I just got my glasses from Bonlook for Christmas. I absolutely love them! If you wear glasses you should for sure go look at them. I am thinking about getting some prescription sunglasses from there here soon too. -l.

Jessi said...

I've heard of them! Good to know, I'll have to check them out. I just sent you another email, hopefully you get it! If not you can email me at

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