Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring in January

Spring in January
Monday we had a day off between the end of our January term and the start of Spring classes, so we took advantage. January is getting pretty confused, and it was in the 70s and BEAUTIFUL. We could run around in dresses quite comfortably, except for the Kansas wind trying to blow all of our clothes off. Our winter legs were very happy to see the sun.
Tanya's Soup Kitchen
After grabbing coffee and our paychecks,we headed up to Wichita for a few things we couldn't find in little old Newton. Our first stop was Tanya's Soup Kitchen, where I had never been before. Leah had talked about how wonderful it is, and I was not disappointed. There's just something so nice about a hearty bowl of soup. We split a Cleopatra Salad - it had feta and apricot chutney, yummm - and two bowls of soup. One was a Spicy Black Bean Chili and the other was Creamy White Bean with Red Pepper and Artichoke Hearts. They were both so wonderful picking between them would be like choosing a favorite child. It was all so filling that not even the two of us could devour all of it, and that's impressive.
Tanya's Soup Kitchen
Black Bean Chili
Cleopatra Salad
With our stomachs full of soup we did a little bit of shopping around Wichita and found some awesome things. We picked up a few necessities at Hobby Lobby for some future projects as well! Leah found an awesome tribal print bag that she had been looking for at Plato's Closet, and literally emptied her things into it the store and sold her old purse back to them. It was overall a wonderful excursion, and such a rare gem of a nice day in the middle of what is supposed to be winter.
Clog Friends

January Dresses
Hope everyone else started their week off well!
-e (plus l)


Brewed Together said...

You girls are so cute! We are so ready for the warm spring too. I'm ready to wear cute summery things again. Are you guys located in Wichita? We enjoyed the warm weather the past few days down in OKC for the past few days as well. Lovely photos by the way! -Marilyn at BrewedTogether.com

Unknown said...

Agreed! We're in Newton, about 30 minutes away from Wichita. Its our closest "big city". I can't wait for it to warm up for good (though I'll probably miss the cold when it actually happens) Thanks so much!

Kati said...

You two look so stunning - love the dresses so much!
Also, thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Have the loveliest day,

Elanor said...

I just found your blog via Chictopia! I LOVE IT. I'm soso glad I found you and I think I'm going to spend the next while scrolling through your archives.... :)

Also, I have to tell you (Erin) that I ADORE your hair. I've had a pixie for over two years and though I'm growing it out now, seeing yours brings back happy memories and kinda makes me want to cut it again. sighhh haha

So glad to be a new follower!
xxoo Elanor

Unknown said...

We are a newish blog so it shouldn't take too long to scroll through them:)We hope you enjoy and stay for awhile!-l.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Elanor! Seriously, cutting my hair was probably the best hair decision I've ever made ... and I've gone through a few haha

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