Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glitter Peter Pan Collar DIY

glitter peter pan collar3

We have already posted a Peter Pan Collar DIY with doilies but when we saw this DIY for Glitter Peter Pan Collars, well, we just had to do it. We were so inspired it literally jumped to the front of our to do list as well as to the top of our list of scheduled posts.

glitter peter pan collar youll need
glitter peter pan collar glitter peter pan collar2

And here is the finished product- along with some outfit pictures from today. Erin is also wearing the crochet skirt we made a couple weeks ago.


We absolutely love how it turned out! Thanks for the inspiration Armommy! (Armommy is a blog that Leah has been following for awhile. They post really cute DIY's as well as other things. If you haven't heard of them before you should probably check them out) You can get the full DIY with instructions and pictures on their blog.

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angie said...

So cute! Love this idea, thanks for sharing!

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