Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY hanging bird sculpture

hanging bird sculpture badge

If you are like us and love birds and decorating, you will definitely want to make this sweet little hanging bird sculpture. I have seen little sculptures like this made out of elephants and other things-I just love them! The best part about this DIY is it is super easy.

You'll need: Scrap Fabric, cotton balls, embroidery floss, beads, scissors, and a needle & thread.

you'll need for hanging bird sculpture 

Start by cutting out as many little birds as you'd like for your sculpture. I traced my bird on paper first so that all of my birds would be the same. Cut out only as many birds as you would like to take the time to sew and however many birds you would need to make it the length you want (I did 5).

Turn each bird so that the right side of the fabric is facing in. Then sew, turn inside out, and stuff with cotton balls! Super easy. Next sew the each bird closed at the bottom.

sew, turn, stuff hanging bird sculpture birds2 hanging bird sculpture birds 

Once all of your little birds are made you'll need to prepare your string. I cut out a piece of embroidery the length of my arms width times three. I then folded this in half and created a loop at the folded edge. This loop is how you will hang your sculpture.

Begin putting on your birds and beads. You can do it however you want really, I did the pattern, bird bead bird bead, and tied knots before and after each item to make sure they stayed in place. Make sure the birds are right side up when you thread them on!

hanging bird sculpture loop 

Once all of your birds and all of your beads are tied onto your sculpture make a small tassel with any extra embroidery floss and tie it on the bottom of your sculpture.

hanging bird sculpture tassle 
hanging bird sculpture

And voila! Your own beautiful hanging bird sculpture to make your room prettier. Hang up and enjoy.



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